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Backlinks SEO

Our Mission is to build your digital authority!
When aiming for better visibility on Google and other Search Engines such as Yahoo, Bing etc… one of the most powerful ways for the metrics to take into consideration your website is on how many other websites refer to yours and this is called “Link Building”.

Why Link Building is important?

Is important, because the metrics of Google and other Search Engines will send their robots to check the web regularly and as they see your website reffered in others, they will identify your website to be a trusted and consequently increase it's visibility in the corresponding keywords.

What are Backlinks?

Backlinks is a well-planned & powerful SEO strategy that aims in growing you Domain Authority, thus increasing significanlty your website visibily and performance online.

Backlinks can be links from social media channels, forums, ads, microsites, blogs, and much more.

What are the Benefits?

As was talked in the intro, the benefits of backlinks are great for your brand in the digital world, because not only makes it more visible on the Web and Search Engines, but also: 1. Builds you Brand Authority 2. It drives traffic in an organic and automatic way 3. Creates a long term reputation on Web-directories and resource links 4. Creates good relationships 5. Increases your Brand Exposure & Recognition.


Flexible Pricing Plans

We have experience working with large and small businesses and are ready to
develop a targeted strategy and plan that’s just right for you.
How would you like to start? Pick the best fit for your budget below and let’s rock!



Monthly Package

  • 10 Average Number of Articles
  • Over 20 Domain Authority Portals
  • €600 Fee + €1.4k Line of Credit


Press Release

    10~20 Average Number of Articles
    3 Months - Minimum Commitment €1,2K Fee + €2.8k Line of Credit


Press Relase

    30~40 Average number of articles
    3 Months - Minimum Commitment €1.8k Fee + €4.2k Line of Credit


Press Relase

    40~50 Average number of articles
    3 Months - Minimum Commitment €2.5k Fee + €7.5k Line of Credit

What to take into considerations

Website Content

It is important that Backlinks are made on the right websites that have content relevant to your industry.
If your industry is Gambling and you appear on a make up website, what good does that do? It might even look spammish and google can penalise you.
Instead if you are in iGaming industry and you get a backlink on a sports website, then Google can easily relate.

Number of links in a specific time

It is extremely important to take in consideration the amount of backlinks you do, especially in a short amount of time.
As when you hire a link building service, they plug into other websites all your links as quick as possible and get ready to sell you more.

This quick link building without a strategy behind, most Search Engines like Google, read as Spam or "paid link building" which makes them think you are trying to trick their metrics, resulting in negative results and loss of Domain Authority.

For link building to benefit your business, it has to be done properly and iGaming Media distributes the backlinks throughout the month according to the softwares it has, for the best and most organic results, so when Google identifies your links, they are read as trustworthy and real.

Domain Authority of your Backlinks

Now, when you look at the domain authority of some these pages, are low, close or less them 10 of D.A. (Domain Authority), this can be read by Search Engines as Toxic Links. And these Toxic ones, you need to get them removed, so Google doesn't penalizes you.


Together, we analyse the keywords that can be in your interest and we bring you the one's with most traffic and lowest difficulty to score, so you can see quick results on your brand visibility.


Time is a crucial factor as SEO takes time and is a long term process and investment.
As the months go by we will constantly show you the progress done and our advise for best results!